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Electrical parts

DescriptionSpare Part CostLabour Cost (will not exceed Rs 499)
Capacitor 35-50 mfd400250
Replace sensor350300
Non-Inverter PCB repaired1500
Capacitor 50-60 mfd400250
Capacitor 10-25 mfd400250
Inverter PCB repaired4000
Replace LVT900350
Capacitor 2-5 mfd250250
Contactor replaced500350
Contactor Daikin/ O-General1500400
Convert PCB with remote1200

Minor repairs

DescriptionService ChargeLabour Cost (will not exceed Rs 499)
Tighten/ Replace Thimble50200
Connector wires replaced (1m)100200
Adjust Grill Locks0200
Water Leakage Repaired400
Adjust pipe and tight compressor screw0200

Gas Charging

DescriptionSpare Part Cost
Condensor repaired400
Copper Coil Condensor 1.5 ton Split3500
Flair nut replaced100
Copper Coil Condensor 2 ton Split3900
Copper Coil Condensor 1 ton Split3000
Copper Cooling Coil3800
Compressor 0.8-1 ton6000
Expansion valve replaced1000
Service valve replaced500
Capillary and Filter300
Compressor 1.5 ton7000
Compressor 2 ton8800
Gas Charging1500
Dead nut (1 pc)30
Cooling coil U Band30
Pin Valve for window AC40


DescriptionSpare Part CostLabour Cost (will not exceed Rs 499)
Fan motor outdoor1500300
Blower motor replaced2000450

Other parts

DescriptionService ChargeLabour Cost (will not exceed Rs 499)
Blower replaced1000450
Replace Flap/Swing Motor350400
AC fan blade600400
Swing blade replaced300350
Grill Cover1200300
Universal remote600
Wet Servicing40
Wet servicing Split599
Compressor grommets set200
Rubber washer (1 pc)40


DescriptionSpare Part Cost
1m copper pipe set700
Indoor unit reinstalled650
Outdoor unit reinstalled750
Split AC Wall stand450
Installation window550
Un-installation window299
Un-installation Split500
Installation Split1300
Drain pipe (1m)70
Fastner complete set150
Floor stand750
Universal back plate for Indoor unit250